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Kwamena Bartels, Minister of Information in the Kufuor government, warned that government would like to make it absolutely clear that it would not permit a proposed gay conference anywhere in Ghana.He explained that unnatural carnal knowledge is illegal under the criminal ode in Ghana.a relic of repressive British sodomy laws from the colonial age." While homosexuality is officially banned under Ghanaian law, the right to organize and form groups has allowed for a gay rights organization to take root. (1995): I felt the session was incredibly successful in that it opened up discourse on sexual orientation.In an August 2007 Afrol News report, Prince Mac Donald, the leader of one such group, commented on the plight of the homosexual in Ghana. The audience was extremely interested in the results of the questionnaire.In a larger way, the movie depicts how Muna goes about chasing any man and is ready to give anything to get them.

John Dumelo Slammed In Nigeria For Acting In Gay Movie (2010): The film is entitled “Men In Love.” It features scenes where top Enugu-based actor Muna Obiekwe is romancing and hitting the back side of Ghana top actor John Dumelo who is facing down on the bed without any string of inner wears.

A Note from Ghana to Homosexuals: “Go Elsewhere” (2011): As you pass through immi­gra­tion at Accra Inter­na­tional Air­port, before you reach the bag­gage claim, there is a sign which reads “Wel­come!! Homo­sex­u­al­ity is socially and legally unac­cept­able in Ghana.

The tone of the seem­ingly friendly sign changes abruptly, how­ever, when you read the note high­lighted in red below the greet­ing: “Ghana does not wel­come pae­dophiles and other sex­ual deviants.” The sign then pro­ceeds to assert that Ghana “imposes extremely harsh penal­ties on such sex­u­ally aber­rant behav­ior,” and that if you hap­pen to be one of these sex­ual deviants, then you should “go else­where” for “everybody’s good.” In Ghana, “sex­u­ally aber­rant behav­ior” includes homo­sex­u­al­ity, and for that mat­ter any kind of sex­u­al­ity other than het­ero­sex­u­al­ity.

But it is today still difficult for prominent Ghanaian gays to come out and a politician who is known to be gay will never be voted for. Ghana’s gays condemn anniversary celebrations (2007): The 50 years anniversary milestone achievement of independence on 6 March this year in Ghana did not as such mean anything to homosexuals in that country...

Mac Donald’s political stance is assuring in that as a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) leader, he also poses a challenge at the corruption turf of government. - Male prostitutes practice openly in Accra (2008): Homosexual prostitutes, who were hitherto said to be operating under cover, have now hit the streets of Accra openly soliciting for men, The Mirror investigations have revealed.


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