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Lisbon seems to take a parental role towards Tommy, whom she regards as a bit of a screw-up, and tells Jane "I practically raised that punk and his brothers." Her brothers Jimmy and Stan make their first appearance in Little Yellow House.Jimmy is wanted as a material witness in a murder investigation and Stan, a housing contractor who is married with five children, owes money to a loan shark who has him beat up for falling behind on his payments.It is implied that Lisbon left her family behind in Chicago to attend college on the West Coast and has not often returned to visit.In college, Lisbon enjoyed listening to jazz, a taste for music she seems to share with Jane. In Little Yellow House, Jane says she left Chicago because she felt trapped by her family responsibilities. All three of Lisbon's brothers look up to her but also have a somewhat difficult relationship with her.There, she was assigned to the team of Agent Sam Bosco, who helped to train her to become the cop she is today.She and the married Bosco were in love with one another, but never spoke of their feelings out loud or acted on them.(Little Yellow House) Her mother was killed by a drunk driver when she was twelve (Red Badge).In the episode Red Tide it is implied that she had to take over her mother’s role and care for her family at a young age.

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When he locked her out, Lisbon threw a brick through his basement window and got into the house that way. She dated a boy named "Woody Squire," whose piercing became infected right before a school dance. The first of her three brothers to be seen in the series is Tommy Lisbon (probably derived from Thomas), who is listed under "Town & Country Electrical" in Lisbon's phone book.

That move made her career and also earned her the nickname "Saint Teresa" in the papers.

At the beginning of the series, Lisbon maintained strictly professional relationships with her subordinates, hardly ever discussing details of her personal life or of anything outside of the task at hand.

In spite of Lisbon's preference for following proper procedures, Jane persistently contradicts her plans and at times directly undermines her authority, usually apologizing immediately afterwards.

Although she criticizes most of Jane's tricks and revelations in front of him, she also often defends him from suspects (especially those with political pull) or from her very own superiors.


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