Sexy north carolina

Retired veteran Brently Dean co-founded Camel Tow towing company in 2013.

What sets this company apart -- other than its jaw-dropping innuendo -- is that every call response is led by a female employee.

Apart from local support, the small town towing company even gets shout-outs from international groups like the Motor Club of America Roadside Assistance Services.

The company has even been featured on “Everybody here in Fayetteville loves it," Dean said.

Jean Andreau’s advanced design, built on an older 1932 Hispano H6B chassis, is simply stunning.

This car was a rolling showcase for some of Dubonnet’s advanced features, like a panoramic windshield, gull-wing windows, sliding parallel doors that opened rearward with a patented pantograph mechanism, and a body that resembled the sleek fuselage of an airplane. French car experts Richard Adatto and Diana Meredith called it “yesterday’s vision of the future." The 1930 Ruxton’s Depression-era launch timing couldn’t have been worse, and that was true for its closest competitor, the Cord L29.

“Girls are constantly asking me if Camel Tow is hiring and if they can join,” Hester says.

Catering to the carriage trade, Pierces were fairly conservative, except for the impudence of their faired-in headlamps.

“We can take a terrible experience, like your car breaking down, and make it into something great,” Dean says.

“Imagine your car breaks down, and instead of some gross, fat redneck named Larry hooking up your car, you get a beautiful, big-chested lady named Brandi in cute little shorts, being nice to you, flirting with you, and looking hot.” Drivers seem to agree with Dean’s vision, and Camel Tow is proving that towing can be sexy.

"I’ve never had anything bad said about it from the locals.

Fayetteville is the All-American city, and America loves two things: trucks and women.


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