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If the fog is so thick that you can’t see through it, you can choke on it.Read more at BUZZFEED., was published in 2010, Joe Hill went on tour just like any successful author with a new novel would.Cremation was illegal at the time – it didn’t become a thing people did legally until just prior to the start of the 20th century – so your choice was made for you. Everything that happens to you – if it happens for long enough – is carved into your bones.

The old pipes and fossilised horse bones wash up on the shore, and with them come the lead letters that printed that history in the newspapers.

After the events Hill would go back to his hotel room and tear the place apart looking for fibre optic cameras because he was convinced he was being spied on. It’s mid-January, exactly a month since 26-year-old Chris Eubank Jr defeated the Irish boxer in the final for the WBA middleweight title.

O’Sullivan’s corner pulled their fighter out of the ring after the seventh round. In their high-speed back-and-forth, the Sky Sports commentators said that Eubank Jr had “that thing that his father had – you just can’t ignore him”.

“There’s substance behind the hype,” they said, “just as it was with his father, of course.” “Shipped off to Vegas at 16,” says another.

“His father said, ‘If you wanna do this — go and prove it.’”His father, his father, his father.


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