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[Tweet This] There is a fine line to draw here because they also do not know what we know, and we must protect them from costly mistakes. Family First, All Pro Dad, i MOM, and Family Minute with Mark Merrill are registered trademarks.The key is to be supportive by encouraging their dreams, while still parenting them towards the greatest chances of personal success. Our successes and mistakes together form the wisdom we take into parenthood.This is valuable information to my daughters because they can learn from them, rather than repeat my bad decisions.

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Be open-minded to the fact that your kid may have a different point of view and that it may be valid.

Have you ever really listened to the daily stories of a teenage girl?

They are going through major changes, mentally and physically and are under tremendous pressure due to expectations at home, at school, and from their peers.

Though we are extremely close that doesn’t mean there aren’t fights, misunderstandings, and challenges to authority.

It’s important to their futures that I get these moments right.


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