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These could the be broken down and reused time and time again.

And yes he was the printer of the Bible bearing his name.

These sheets would then have been joined together and rolled for a more convenient method of handling.

To illustrate the prolific use of this type of binding is is estimated that the famous library of Alexandria had over 700,000 volumes.

Between the 10th and 14th Century, English Monks having copied and improved the design of books brought from the East became the foremost binders of Europe.

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Later it was found convenient to join those boards and leaves together and leather was eventually wrapped round to form the type of book that today we are all familiar with.

Early books were composed of single sheets of vellum, followed by paper, folded over and collected into sections of suitable size.

The leaves were held together in the correct order by sewing through the centre fold onto flexible bands held at right angles to the back.

However, it is unlikely that the book that we are use to would have descended directly from this route.

Following to the clay tablets the next major type of book is the scroll or papyrus roll.


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